Main Object Of SEEDS Company

Main Object Of SEEDS Company

 1. To carry on the business as cultivators, tillers, husbandry men, nurserymen, agriculturists, horticulturists, sericulturists, farmers, gardeners and producers of seeds with a view to raise crops, vegetables, plants, trees, fruits, flowers, herbs, shrubs, sprouts, bulbs, roots, creepers, garden plants, grapes, vines, sugarcane, cotton, tea, cocoa, coffee, rubber and other produce and to process, treat and refine seeds and to produce, breed and grow hybrid seeds, grains and farm produce and to grow, cultivate plant, produce, process, buy, sell, make marketable, import, export or otherwise deal in agricultural, horticultural, sericultural, botanical and garden products and farm products, grains, seeds, crops including commercial crops.

2. To carry on the business as manufactures, producers, processors, importers, exporters and dealers in all kinds and classes of compost, organic and inorganic manures, gas based, natural or manmade fertilisers, chemicals such as urea, sulphur, insecticides, pesticides, repellents, fungicides, sprayers, dusters

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