Main Object Of SPRAY SYSTEMS Company

Main Object Of SPRAY SYSTEMS Company

1. To carry on the business of manufacturers and dealers in all kinds of die castings, forging, forged equipments, ferrous and non ferrous and processors of iron, steel, aluminium, gunmetal & alloy and other metal founderers, producers, manufacturers of industrial, chemical, agricultural plants, implements & equipments, electrostatic machines, apparatus, instruments and appliances including electropainting equipments, paint testing equipments of precipitators, material separators, recoverers of components thereof, machineries, toolmakers, metal workers, mechanics, smiths, woodworkers, painters, metallurgists, gas makers and to take up project work on turn key or in part fabrication and commissioning of the plants and machineries complete as a whole or in parts.

2. To give or acquire know-how, technical and technological projects, information, specifications, data, methods of analysis to  or from any body, organisation or agency in India or abroad, to carry on the business of consultants, mechanical, electrical, electronic, civil, chemical, water supply, sanitation, water, air, atmosphere, pollution, engineers, marketing management & cost control consultants.

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