Main Object Of TOURIST SERVICES Company

Main Object Of TOURIST SERVICES Company

1. To carry on the business as travel agents, tourist agents, package tour operators, daily passenger service operators, travelling agents and contractors, forwarding and general agents, aircraft and ship owners and charterers and to facilitate travelling by air, road and sea and to provide facilities of all kind for tourists and travellers by means of booking of tickets, circular ticket, sleeping car or berths, reserve places, lodging accommodation, guides, safe deposits, inquiry bureaus, libraries, reading rooms, baggage transport and otherwise.

2. To carry on the business of booking and reserving accommodation, seats, compartment and berths on railway, steamers, motorships, boats, aeroplanes, omnibus and motor bus, package tour operators, and to issue tickets for same, to provide necessary services for passport & visa, to provide for guides, to take on hire or own taxies, motor cars, omnibus, motor bus, steamers, barges, aeroplanes and all kinds of vehicles.

3. To carry on the business as travel agents, tourist and cargo carriers by road, sea or by any other mode of transport and to carry on all other allied business and activities pertaining to the travelling and tourist business

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