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Net Worth Certification

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    What Is Business Net Worth?

    Sometimes, it’s hard to be sure whether your business is working efficiently, especially when money is consistently coming in and going out. you need to understand if your business is making a profit or losing money. One method to gain insight into your financial strength is by reviewing your net worth. 

    Net worth of a person or an Enterprise is that the total assets of the individual or Enterprise less total liabilities. Net worth thus gives an honest indication of the entire financial worth of an individual at some extent in time. Positive net worth that’s growing year after year shows good financial health; conversely, a negative net worth or net worth decreasing year after year shows poor financial health. Net worth is employed as an indicator of monetary health in various processes. 

    Net worth is a performance indicator that shows the worth of your business’s property after liabilities are paid. Once you have settled all business debts, the net worth includes what’s left over. You’ll use net worth to work out your financial health, secure funding, or sell the business.


    Net Worth Certificate:

    A Net worth certificate is a document that’s compiled and authorized usually by a Chartered accountant taking into consideration all the assets and liabilities of the individual or Enterprise. Net worth Certificate maybe required as part of an application for the decision maker to measure the financial health of the applicant. Net worth certificate from an accountant is usually required as a part of loan application, visa application, franchisee application and more.

    Reasons to Obtain Net Worth Certificate:

    • Visa Application: During a visa application process, net worth certificates are requested to work out the financial net worth of the visa applicant. 
    • Bank Loan Application: During a loan application process, net worth certificates are requested to work out the financial worth of the loan applicant. 
    • Franchisee Application: During a franchisee application process, net worth certificates are requested by the franchisor to work out the financial net worth of the franchisee.

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