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    Conversion from OPC to Private Limited Company

    Converting OPC to Private Limited Company (One Person Company to a personal Company) can open avenues to pursue additional benefits like fundraising. An OPC can voluntarily convert itself only after 2 years of its incorporation. the appliance of conversion is formed to Central Government after alternation of MoA and AoA of the OPC. The legal existence of the corporate continues even after the conversion then does their rights and liabilities. With its conversion into a Private Company, a minimum of 2 shareholders and directors must be appointed to fulfill the minimum requirement. Conversion helps with the expansion opportunities alongside additional funding options of personal placement funding, ESOP and lots of more.

    Benefits of Conversion of OPC to a Private Limited Company

    • Easier to Raise Funds: Raising funds as a personal Ltd. may be a comparatively easy task because it gives a chance for raising shares and has some ways to boost funds within the sort of private equity, ESOP, and more.
    • Limited Liability of Owners: The obligation or debts of the corporate doesn’t create a charge over the owner’s personal assets. Their liability is restricted only to the subscribed capital unpaid by them.
    • Taxation Benefits: One Person Company isn’t recognized under the Tax Act and hence it’s been put within the same category as other companies for taxation purposes. Private companies are placed under the income bracket of 30% on total income. Thus, from the attitude of taxation, the concept of 1 Person Company becomes a less profitable concept because it imposes an important financial load.
    • Separate Legal Existence: A Private Ltd. is registered, a legal entity is born in eyes of law, which is broken away by its owners and managers. the corporate can operate in its own name from opening a checking account to have assets and enter into a contract with parties. This also provides the capacity to sue third parties.

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