Power-Of-Attorney To Advocate For Court Case Deed Format

Power-Of-Attorney To Advocate For Court Case

Power-Of-Attorney To Advocate For Court Case Deed Format

In the Court of, etc.

Suit (or Case) No. ………… of 2000

Plaintiff (or Applicant, or Complainant)—

AB, son of ………, of, etc.


Defendant (or Non-applicant, or Accused),—

CD, son of ………, of, etc.

Claim for (or, in the matter of), etc.

By this power-of-attorney, I, CD, defendant (or, etc.), in the above suit (or case), do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint EF, advocate etc., my attorney, for me, in my name and on my behalf to appear, act and plead in the said case, to make or present written statements, applications or petitions to the court, to withdraw and receive documents and any money from the court or from the opposite party either in execution of the decree or otherwise, and on receipt thereof, to sign and deliver for me proper receipts and discharges for the same, and to do all other lawful acts, deeds and things in connection with the case as effectually as I could do the same, if I were personally present; to engage and appoint any other advocate or advocates whenever my said advocate thinks proper to do so.


Provided, however, that, if any part of the advocate’s fee remains unpaid before the first hearing of the case (or, etc.), or if any hearing of the case be fixed beyond the limits of this town, then and in such an event my said advocate shall not be bound to appear before the court; provided also that if the case be dismissed by default, or if it be proceeded ex parte, the said advocate shall not be held responsible for the same except in case of gross negligence, wilful default. And all whatever my said advocate shall lawfully do, I do hereby agree to and shall in future ratify and confirm.

Signed, sealed and delivered                                                                                   CD

Accepted, subject to the aforesaid

conditions.                                                                                                        EF, Advocate

Power-Of-Attorney To Advocate For Court Case Deed Format

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