Power-Of-Attorney To Recover Debts Deed Format

Power-Of-Attorney To Recover Debts

Power-Of-Attorney To Recover Debts Deed Format

By this power-of-attorney I, AB of, etc., do hereby constitute and appoint CD of, etc., my attorney, for me, in my name and on my behalf to do inter alia all or any of the acts, deeds and things, viz.

           (i)  To ask or demand and receive from the person or persons named in the Schedule below the respective amounts mentioned against their respective names and all or any other debt or debts or claim or claims now or hereafter due.

              (ii)  To collect, receive and realise all such amount or amounts due and payable by them now or hereafter fully or partially, in lump sum or by instalments (which he is empowered to grant) or otherwise and to give and execute all necessary receipts and discharges for the same with power to accept security and grant time for payment.

         (iii)  To institute suits or other legal proceedings authorized by law for recovery of all or any of such debts or claims and to sign any plaint, petition or other pleadings, vakalatnama, warrant of attorney, to execute any decree or order.


             (iv)  To compromise any such debt or claim, withdraw any suit or other proceedings, to refer to arbitration any dispute or difference and to prosecute or defend any bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings.

          (v)  Generally to do all such acts, deeds and things as he shall think fit and proper as fully and effectually as I could do myself notwithstanding no express power or authority in that behalf is hereunder provided.

And I, the said AB, do hereby agree to ratify and confirm all and whatever my said attorney shall do, execute or perform or cause to be done, executed or performed in exercise of the power or authority hereunder conferred upon or otherwise expressed or intended.

The Schedule above referred to

Name and address    of the debtorAmount due  Remarks  

In witness whereof I, the said AB, has hereunto set and subscribed my hand and seal this ……… day of ………

Signed, sealed and delivered                                                                 AB

                                                                                                     Accepted CD

Power-Of-Attorney To Recover Debts Deed Format

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