Professional Tax Registration

Professional Tax Registration

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    Professional Tax Registration

    Professional Tax registration means, registration in state-level tax. The professional tax levied to the salary of people and professionals like advocates, chartered accountants, company secretary, cost accountants, doctors, etc. Professional tax registration is mandatory within 30 days of from the start of business or just in case of business 30 days of employing staff in the business. Professional tax is imposed at the state level; it’s a source of revenue of State governments. In India, all state has its own rate of professional tax i.e. its different states have different Professional Tax rates. The owner of the business is responsible for Professional Tax registration. The Owner is additionally liable for deduction of Professional tax from the salary of its employees and paid to governments. Professional Tax is deducted from the salary of employees monthly. Professional Tax rates are supported by the income slabs set by state governments. If business entities are established in additional than one state than they have to urge knowledgeable tax registration in each state. The Professional Tax could also be paid to the govt on a monthly basis or quarterly basis or annually it depends on respective government laws.

    Advantage of Professional Tax Registration:

    • For fulfill the statutory requirement of government law.
    • Avoid penalty to get a failure of Professional Tax registration.
    • For straightforward compliance with professional tax regulations.
    • For deduction of tax from the salary of employees or income of execs.
    • For payment of government tax.

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