Project Report Preparation

Project Report Preparation

Project Report – Meaning, Contents

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    A Project Report is a written document that provides details on the general overview of the proposed business. The project report gives an account of the project proposal to determine the prospects of the proposed plan/activity. It contains data on the idea of which the project has been appraised and found feasible. It consists of data on economic, technical, financial, managerial and production aspects. It enables the entrepreneur to understand the inputs and helps him to get loans from banks or Financial Institutions.

    Project Report Meaning Contents - Project Report Preparation



    Following are the contents of a project report.

    1. General Information 

    A project report must provide information about the small details of the industry to which the project belongs to. It must give information about the present status, past experience, problems and future prospects of the industry. It should clearly identify the alternatives of business and should clarify the explanations for starting the business.

    2. Executive Summary 

    A project report must state the objectives of the business and therefore the methods through which the business can attain success. It must mention the assumptions and the risks generally involved within the business.

    3. Organization Summary 

    The project report should indicate the structure of the organization and the pattern proposed for the unit.

     4. Project Description 

    A brief description of the project must be stated and must explain about the following: 

    1. Location of the site
    2. Raw material requirements
    3. Target of production
    4. Power requirements
    5. Fuel requirements
    6. Water requirements
    7. Area required for the workshed
    8. Employment requirements of skilled and unskilled labor
    9. Production process
    10. Projected production volumes, unit prices
    11. The technology selected for the project
    12. Pollution treatment plants required

    5. Marketing Plan 

    The project report must clearly state the entire expected demand for the merchandise. Project report must state the following: 

    1. Type of customers
    2. Target markets
    3. Nature of market
    4. Market segmentation
    5. Future prospects of the market
    6. Sales objectives
    7. Marketing Cost of the project
    8. Market share of the proposed venture
    9. Demand for the merchandise in the local, national and the global market
    10. It must indicate potential users of products and distribution channels to be used for distributing the merchandise.

     6. Capital Structure and operating expense 

    The project report must describe the entire capital requirements of the project. It must state the source of finance, it must also indicate the extent of owner funds and borrowed funds. Capital requirements must be stated and the source of supply should even be indicated within the project. 

    7. Management Plan 

    The project report should state the subsequent. 

    1. Business experience of the promoters of the business
    2. Duties and responsibilities of team members
    3. Current personnel needs of the organization
    4. Details about the management team
    5. Plans for hiring and training personnel
    6. Methods of managing the business
    7. Programmes and policies of the management. 

    8. Financial Aspects 

    In order to calculate the profitability of the business a projected profit and loss account and record must be presented within the project report.

    9. Technical Aspects 

    The project report must provide information about the technology and technical aspects of the project. It covers information on Technology used for the project, capacity of machinery, Production process, pollution control plants etc. 

    10. Project Implementation 

    Every proposed business unit must draw a schedule for the project. It must indicate the time within the activities involved in establishing the enterprise is often completed. 

    11. Social responsibility 

    The proposed units draw inputs from society. Hence its contribution to the society within the sort of employment, income, exports and infrastructure.

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