Publicity Agreement With A Cinema For Advertisement By Slide Or Film Deed Format

Publicity Agreement With A Cinema For Advertisement By Slide Or Film

Publicity Agreement With A Cinema For Advertisement By Slide Or Film Deed Format

This agreement is made this ……………………. day of ………… 1999 between AB son of …………………………. residing at …….………………. (hereinafter called the advertiser) of the One Part and Joy Cinema situate at ………..………….. represented by its proprietor CD son of …………………. residing at …….……………… (hereinafter called cinema) of the Other Part.

Whereas the advertiser is the sole proprietor of the Trade and business carried on under the name and style of AD Co. at…… and whereas for the popularity and/or publicity of the trade the advertiser is desirous of advertising his products and/or business through the medium of cinema slides/cinema films and for that purpose approached the owner of the cinema who on terms and conditions hereunder mentioned has agreed to do so at the cinema aforesaid.

Now therefore this agreement witnesses as under:

main object of company 10 - Publicity Agreement With A Cinema For Advertisement By Slide Or Film Deed Format

1. This agreement will remain in force for a period of ……………. years from the date of its execution.

2. That the advertiser shall supply the cinema with a standard size slide measuring ……………. inches by ……… inches containing exclusively matters and things relating to his said trade or business previously approved by the ………… cinema (which the cinema may reject at its discretion without assigning any reason) and the said cinema shall exhibit the said slide by projecting the same on its screen for not less than ………….. seconds at a time in each show (or twice or thrice per week as may be agreed by and between the parties).

That the advertiser shall supply ……….. millimetre standard size film of length not more than ………… metres containing matter exclusively relating to his said trade or business for advertisement duly certified by the Board of Censors for exhibition which shall be exhibited by projecting the same on the screen of the said cinema at each show (or twice or thrice as may be agreed).

3. That the advertiser shall pay to the said cinema for the exhibition of the advertisement a sum of Rs. ………. only for each day the said slide/film is exhibited; such payment shall in all cases be made in advance weekly but not in cases where the cinema remains closed and the slide/film is not exhibited.

4. That the cinema shall not be liable to any damage to the slide/film due to natural wear and tear, heat or defect in the projector, but shall take every reasonable precaution for the safety and safe custody of the slide/film so long it is in the possession thereof. Any damage to the slide/film necessitating its replacement or resulting in its loss shall be reported immediately to the advertiser and no charges shall be made for its exhibition for the period it cannot be projected for any reason whatsoever.

5. That the advertiser shall indemnify and keep indemnified the cinema, its proprietor, partner, servants, agents and business against all claims for damages and/or compensation or fine arising out of any action or prosecution at the instance of third parties or the authorities by reason of any prejudical or injurious matter contained in the slide/film or its exhibition.

6. That the cinema shall have full right and liberty to refuse exhibition of the slide/film without assigning any reason and without any notice and without being answerable for any loss or damages caused to the advertiser.

7. That the cinema shall return the said slide or film to the advertiser on determination of this agreement or when the exhibition is stopped on account of any injunction obtained by any third party otherwise against its exhibition in cases where any objection to its exhibition is raised by the authorities.

8. If the advertiser shall become insolvent or compounds with his creditor or fails and/or neglects to make the weekly payment, the cinema shall be entitled to discontinue further exhibition without prejudice to its right to recover any sum due by the advertiser.

9. In case any dispute or difference shall arise between the parties during the pendency of this agreement or after its termination or earlier determination as to its meaning and construction or to any other matter or thing arising directly or indirectly under this contract then and in such an event the same shall be referred to arbitration and the final decision of a single arbitrator to be mutually agreed between the parties who alone shall consider and determine the same and whose decision or award shall be binding and conclusive upon both the said parties, and this clause shall be deemed a submission within the meaning of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 or statutory modification or re-enactment thereof.

In witness whereof the parties hereto have executed these presents on the day, month and year first above-written.

Signed and delivered by AB

Signed and delivered by CD

representing the cinema


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