Security Bond From Receiver Deed Format

Security Bond From Receiver

Security Bond From Receiver Deed Format

Know all men by these presents we, AB of, etc. (receiver), and CD of, etc. (surety), are jointly and severally bound to EF …………… Judge, etc., in the sum of Rs. ………… to be paid to the said ………… Judge, or to his successors in office, as the case may be, for which payment to be truly and faithfully made, we bind ourselves, and each of us, as also our respective heirs, executors or administrators, jointly and severally, by these presents.

Sealed with our seals this ………… day of …………………


Whereas a suit being T. Suit No. of …………… (cause title) has been instituted in this court by the said GH against IJ for reliefs inter alia as appearing from the plaint, (state the object of the suit): And whereas by an order dated ………… made in the said suit by the said court the said AB has been appointed Receiver of the rents, issues and profits of the immovable property and all the outstanding movable property of KL as mentioned in the plaint of the said suit subject to his furnishing security for Rs. ………… with one surety: And whereas the said AB offered the said CD as such surety which was approved and accepted by the said court subject to his joining with the said AB in a bond on terms herein appearing: Now the condition of this bond or obligation is such that, if the above-bound AB shall duly account for all and every sum or sums of money or moneys and other property or properties which he shall so receive as Receiver and also on account of the rents, issues and profits of the immovable property at such periods as the said court shall appoint, and shall duly pay the balance or balances, which shall from time to time be due from him, as the said court has directed or shall hereafter direct, then and in such an event this bond or obligation shall be void and of no effect, otherwise it shall remain in full force and virtue.

Signed, sealed and delivered                                                                 AB


Security Bond From Receiver Deed Format

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