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Shop License

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    Shop Establishment License/Registration

    Shop and establishment registration means that, registration underneath rules and regulation of look and institution act, of Bihar. it’s a kind of sole ownership registration in Bihar. little traders and merchants get registration underneath this act. This act is regulated by the Department of Labour. essentially this act regulates payment of wages, hours of labor of staff, holidays, terms and condition of staff utilized in workplace premises. look and institution act is necessary for all business entities that don’t represent the relevance of the industrial plant act. it applies to any or all retailers, offices, schools, education establishments, hotels, restaurants, theatres, etc that operate for the motive of earn profit and doing business. In Bihar if 1establishment license. look and institution act registration is incredibly standard among the little and unorganized business entities. this can be straightforward to start out and maintained by business entities. at intervals thirty days of commencement of business this registration is mandatory for business entities.

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    Advantage of Shop and Establishment act registration

    • Minimum compliance.
    • simple to begin.
    • Low cost.
    • No need to separate audit and ITR filing.

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