Tenancy Agreement For Letting Furnished House Deed Format

Tenancy Agreement For Letting Furnished House

Tenancy Agreement For Letting Furnished House Deed Format

This tenancy agreement is made this ……………… day of ……………… 2000 between AB residing at ……………… (hereinafter called the LANDLORD which term shall include, unless the context otherwise requires, his heirs, successors, legal representatives and assigns) of the one part and CD residing at ………………… (hereinafter called the tenant) of the other part.

WHEREAS the LANDLORD is seized and possessed of a furnished house being premises No. …………………… described in the Schedule hereunder.

AND WHEREAS the TENANT has approached to take on rent the said furnished house to which the LANDLORD has agreed.

Now these presents witnesseth and the parties hereby agree as follows:

The LANDLORD agrees to let and the tenant agrees to take all that furnished house with fittings, fixtures and appurtenances together with the furniture and effects more fully described in the schedule hereto for the term of 5 years to be computed from the ……………… day of …………… 1999 at the rent of Rs. 3,000 for the premises and Rs. 2,000 for the furniture per month respectively such rents to be payable by the 10th day of every following month.

(1) The TENANT agrees to pay the rents regularly and punctually without the least delay or single default.

(2) TheTENANT shall at all times during the continuance of the tenancy keep and maintain the house with all fittings, fixtures and furniture clean, tidy and healthy, free from moth and dust and insured against whiteants, paint all wood works once in every three years and whitewash and colour wash the walls once in every two years.

(3) The TENANT shall keep all the furniture duly insured against fire, theft and other risks and replace all damaged, broken and worn-out parts of the furniture and fittings including sanitary fittings by equally good or better substitutes.

(4) The TENANT shall pay all rates, taxes and impositions which are now or during the said term be hereafter imposed or assessed on the said premises by the Government, Municipal Corporation or any other authority.


(5) To permit the LANDLORD his servants and Agents at all reasonable hours to enter into the property, inspect the condition or to leave notice of all defects to be repaired.

(6) The TENANT shall during the said term use and occupy the said premises as a private dwelling house for himself and the members of the family and not to keep any paying guest or share accommodation with outsiders and licensee or otherwise, not to carry on, or permit to be carried on any business or to store any inflammable or explosive articles or thing in the said premises.

(7) Without the consent in writing of the LANDLORD the tenant shall not sublet or assign or part with possession of the said premises.

(8) The TENANT shall on the expiry or earlier determination of the lease yield and deliver to the LANDLORD peaceful and vacant possession of the premises in its entirety.

(9) Without the consent in writing of the LANDLORD the TENANT shall not assign or part with the tenanted premises or sub-let the same or give any licence to anybody to occupy the tenanted premises or any part thereof or make any structural additions or alterations therein.

(10) On the determination of the tenancy the TENANT shall give to the LANDLORD peaceful vacant possession of the tenanted premises.

The Schedule above referred to

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have executed these presents on the day, month and year first above-written.

Signed and delivered by the said AB

the LANDLORD in the presence of:

Signed and delivered by the said CD

the TENANT in the presence of:

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