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What is a Trademark Opposition?

Trademark Opposition in India comes at a stage after the registrar has approved the trademark application on the distinctiveness factor and publishes the trademark within the journal for the third-party opposition. Anyone can oppose the published trademark within a period of three months which may be extended for a month more (3+1); beginning from the day it had been first published. If the mark is opposed, an opposition proceeding is initiated. After this, both the parties involved got to come to a conclusion and therefore the decision is taken. the choice of whether the mark is often registered or abandoned would be made. there’s no restriction on filing an opposition. Anyone who believes that the published mark might create confusion among the general public can file for the opposition while the onus of defending the trademark lies within the hands of the trademark registrant.

Benefits of filing Trademark Opposition

  • A highly effective remedy for TM owner: Trademark opposition plays a really eminent role because it may be a chance for the registered trademark owners to prevent the other mark which will hinder/ dilute their brand or cause any possible confusion within the market.
  • Public consultation: As the brand is made through the general public popularity and demand, it’s vital to consult the general public for approval about the registrability of the applied trademark.

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