UAN Login, EPFO Member UAN Portal and Passbook

UAN Login, EPFO Member UAN Portal, and Passbook

An individual is given a Unique Account Number by the EPFO, which acts as a singular identification for multiple member IDs provided by different organizations. The EPF is an organization that provides retirement benefits to employees. The recipient of the plan is provided with a Universal Account Number (UAN), which is a 12-digit number that allows an employee to link all of their PF accounts across numerous corporations and access them through a single platform known as the UAN Portal. This platform includes a variety of features. KYC EPF member e-Seva simplifies the process of transferring and withdrawing provident fund funds by providing easy access to details, service records, and UAN cards.

UAN Login

The UAN Portal login process involves the following steps.

 Step 1: Login to the website 

To access our services, the user needs to click on the option labeled “Our Services” found on the home page.

Step 2: UAN PortalStep 2: UAN Portal
Step 2: UAN Portal

 Step 3: Click For Employees 

In order to access our services for employees, the user needs to click on the option that says “For Employees”.

Choose the passbook for the member in the fourth step.

After that, the user needs to choose the option of ‘Member Passbook’.

Step 4: UAN PortalStep 4: UAN Portal
Step 4: UAN Portal

After successfully logging in, the user has access to their UAN card, profile information, and a record of the services they have received.

UAN Registration Procedure

To access the UAN Login Portal, the user must first log in. The process for logging in to the portal is outlined below.

In order to begin the process, the first step is to select the option “Activate UAN.”

To activate the UAN, the individual must select “Activate UAN” situated in the section referred to as “Important Links” and click on it.

Step 1: UAN PortalStep 1: UAN Portal
Step 1: UAN Portal

 Step 2: Enter the Details 

To receive authorization PIN, the user must input their information and select the ‘Get Authorization PIN’ option. The PIN will be sent to the mobile number registered with EPFO.

Step 2: UAN PortalStep 2: UAN Portal
Step 2: UAN Portal

 Step 3: Enter the PIN 

To activate the UAN account, the user must input their PIN. An automated password will then be sent to the user via text message.

 Step 4: Change Password 

After accessing the system, the user is required to modify their password.

UAN Status

The process of verifying the UAN Status on the EPF Portal involves the following steps.

 Step 1: Log in to the Portal 

The applicant has to log in to the  EPF Portal  .

Instructed to proceed, the second step involves clicking on the tab labeled “Our Services”.

To access the employee-specific services, the candidate should select the option ‘Our Services’ and then choose ‘For Employees’ by clicking on it.

Step three involves selecting the UAN Online Service.

Once the applicant has selected the UAN Online Service, they must then proceed to click on OCS/OTCP.

Step 3: UAN PortalStep 3: UAN Portal
Step 3: UAN Portal

To discover their UAN status, the candidate must select the option for “Know Your UAN Status.”

Step 4: UAN PortalStep 4: UAN Portal
Step 4: UAN Portal

 Step 5: Enter the Details 

The individual who is applying must provide information such as their PF number, Member ID, PAN, Aadhar number, date of birth, and mobile number.

Step 5: UAN PortalStep 5: UAN Portal
Step 5: UAN Portal

Step number six: Select the option “Get Authorization Pin”.

To obtain an authorization pin, the candidate must select the “Get Authorization Pin” choice. The verified phone number will get sent the verification pin.

To get your UAN, click on the Validate OTP button.

Once the applicant has obtained an authorisation PIN, they must click on the ‘Validate OTP and Get UAN’ option.

 Step 8: Receiving UAN number 

A message containing the UAN number and its status will be sent to the number which has been registered.

UAN Passbook

website by providing their personal information and creating an account. Once they have an account, they can log in and access their passbook, which displays their account balance and transaction history. This feature offers convenience to members who wish to monitor their accounts and transactions at any time from their preferred location through an internet connection. Unified Member Portal Members are granted access to view their passbook online six hours after registering. However, passbook services are not available for members of Exempted Establishments, Settles, and Inoperative categories.

Procedure to Access Passbook Online

 Step 1: Log in to the Portal 

The individual who is applying must access the EPF Portal by logging in.

The second step is to select “Our Services” by clicking on it.

To access the services for employees, the individual applying needs to select the ‘Our Services’ option, followed by clicking on ‘For Employees’.

In order to access your account information, proceed to the third step which requires you to click on the option labelled as Member Passbook.

To access the member passbook, the individual is required to click on the designated button. Once clicked, the passbook will be presented on the computer or mobile device’s display.

Step 3: UAN PortalStep 3: UAN Portal
Step 3: UAN Portal

You can access EPFO services through apps that can be downloaded from the UMANG website or app stores.

Registration Procedure for e-Passbook

To enroll, a person must activate their UAN with the EPF. Once this is confirmed, they can obtain their e-passbook after three working days. To do this, the user needs to sign in to the portal and select the option to download the e-passbook. They must then enter their UAN number and password to access the portal.

Procedure to Check Balance

To verify one’s balance in the EPFO Portal, there are some specific procedures that one can adhere to.

 Step 1: Log in to the Portal 

To access the EPF Portal, the candidate must sign in.

Step number two involves clicking on the “Our Services” option.

To access services for employees, the applicant must first select the “Our Services” option and then choose “For Employees.”

Step number three involves clicking on the option labeled as “Member Passbook”.

To access the passbook, the user needs to select the option titled ‘Member Passbook.’

Step 3: UAN PortalStep 3: UAN Portal
Step 3: UAN Portal

 Step 4: Enter the Details 

To access the balance information, the user must provide their username and password, as well as successfully complete the Captcha verification process.

Resetting Password

The password can be reset by following these instructions.

Step one involves clicking on the option “Forgot Password.”

To reset the password, the individual needs to select the option “Forgot Password” located in the login area.

Step 1: UAN PortalStep 1: UAN Portal
Step 1: UAN Portal

Perform the second step by inputting your login details.

To access the system, the individual is required to input both their UAN and a Captcha code.

 Step 3: Enter the OTP 

The individual is required to input the OTP that has been sent to the mobile number that is registered.

 Step 4: Click Submit 

After entering the OTP, press the ‘Submit’ button.

 Step 5: Reset Password 

The UAN Portal allows the user to reset their password and subsequently access the log-in page.


The EPFO has introduced a fresh comprehensive request application that satisfies the entire or partial Pension Fund (PF) extraction process for staff members. There are three component applications in the appeal category. Form 31  ,  19  and  10C In order to request a complete or partial withdrawal using the Composite Claim Form, it is necessary to have your Aadhaar linked to your UAN.


the previous PF balance is transferred to the current account. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the transfer process is completed successfully.

  • The information regarding KYC has been appropriately updated on the website.
  • The UAN database is updated with either the past or present bank account information and the IFSC code.
  • The Know Your Customer (KYC) information is linked with the Universal Account Number (UAN).

On the previous PF account, only a single transfer request can be requested.

Tracking EPF Claim Status

One can monitor the progress of an EPF claim by accessing the “Track Claim Status” section on the UAN Login Portal. It is not necessary to input the acknowledgement number or PF account number.

UAN Portal Customer Care

If an EPF member encounters any issues, they can reach out to the UAN customer support team.

  • Toll-Free Help Desk: 1800 11 8005
  • The email address is used for providing feedback by the employees to the organization.
  • Website: 
  • EPFO Regional/Sub Regional office

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